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Many Christians around the world share in the conviction that the Lordship of Christ is to govern the whole of their lives. There is a growing number of resources available for those who wish to explore their faith and walk of discipleship from this perspective. This website seeks to draw those resources to the attention of Christians specifically in South East Asia and Australasia.

In that respect, we will seek to publish relevant material in English, Chinese, Tagalog and Bahasa, and possibly other languages as and when this is available.

Please visit this website often as we will be adding new content as and when it becomes available.

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03/09/2016 17:36

Sermons and Bible Studies

A reformational approach to the whole of life must be founded on the clear teaching of the Scriptures. To that end, I have published a number of sermons and Bible studies on my personal blog site, https://hearinganddoing.wordpress.com/. Please visit this site and join the discussion about how the...


08/08/2015 10:13

New Website for Reformational Scholarship

A new website has been launched to provide blogs and news about Reformational Scholarship. The issues discussed there will be of interest to visitors to All of Life Redeemed - Asia. Visit it here.  


08/08/2015 10:10

Two statements on Same Sex Marriage

As a public service we are providing two statements on the same-sex marriage debate in Australia. One is a submission to the Australian Senate in 2009 which was not published by the Australian Parliamentary website along with other submissions. The other is a link to an advertisement concerning the...


23/06/2015 21:03

A new article on Same Sex Marriage Law and its impacts on schooling and religious freedom.

A fashionable retort used by proponents for same-sex marriage (SSM) in debate has been that a change in the marriage law will only affect same-sex couples who want their relationship registered as a marriage. However, in jurisdictions where SSM law now applies that law now threatens the freedom of...


07/05/2014 19:04

A new book review - The Good of Politics

Dr James Skillen has published a new book, The good of politics, intended as an introduction to a reformational approach to politics, but even those well-read in the subject will find much encouragement and insight.Read the review here.


07/04/2014 19:52

A further article on same-sex marriage

  Dr Ian Ridgway has contributed another article on the subject of same-sex marriage, this time analysing the arguments of Jim Reiher, who advocates that Christians should accept same-sex marriage as a matter of justice. Dr Ridgway argues that there is no issue of public justice involved in...


27/01/2014 20:23

New article on same sex marriage

Same Sex Marriage - a legal error based on an empirical mistake      This new article, Same Sex Marriage, a legal error based on an empirical mistake, by Dr Ian Ridgway of Australia, gives consideration to the legal and political arguments in favour of same sex...


14/03/2013 20:17

Review. Follow the Money: The money trail through history, by Ruben Alvarado

Ruben Alvarado. Follow the Money: The money trail through history. Aalten: WordBridge publishing, 2013. Reviewed by Chris Gousmett.   A history of money might sound like a subject of interest to mainly to collectors of antique coins, or perhaps a discussion of dry issues of interest...


09/11/2012 21:07

Response to Bob Carr's comments on freedom and independence for West Papua

Dr Robert Wolfgramm, a retired Monash University sociologist, now living in Suva, Fiji, has written a response to the comments by Bob Carr, Foreign Minister in the Australian government, that independence for West Papua is "inconceivable, utterly inconceivable." See the report of his comments...


26/07/2012 18:57

A new article from Chris Gousmett on economics

Chris Gousmett - Taking another look at the free market A new article looking at a Christian alternative to free market liberalism.